Interhelp Newsletter May 2017

Dear Interhelpers and friends,

Mary Gleason of Rochester NY sends welcome news about the formation of the Genesee Valley Work That Reconnects Community. Mary served on Interhelp Council many years ago. See below for upcoming events in Rochester, and also for news and events from the Boston-area Community of Practice.

Rising with Roots: Courage, Conviction & Community in this Beautiful, Teetering Time is coming right up, June 2-7, in NH near Brattleboro, VT. Just a few spaces remain; register promptly! The land at Hallelujah Farm will be full of life in early June, and the people who come together for this workshop will co-create, with the place, unique and meaningful community.

Summer calendars fill up quickly, so be sure to make note of the Facilitation Deepening coming up in August. For this and other events, including an event for educators of young adults, see below.

Finally, farmer Michael Rice shares his perception of how Joanna Macy’s teaching has evolved over the decades, beginning with his first workshop with her in 1983; he ties in the evolution of his own thinking about the topic of hope. And, in fine WTR fashion, he starts off with some big gratitudes about how his own life has unfolded. Michael contributed many years of service to the Interhelp Council. Click here to read his piece.

May all of your gardens flourish.

Paula Hendrick
Interhelp Editor

Genesee Valley Work That Reconnects Community has two community gatherings coming up, on Monday May 15 and Monday June 5, 7-9 pm, details here. In the works are a full-day immersion in the Work That Reconnects this summer and a Facilitator training in the fall. Contact Mary Gleason.

Greater Boston Community of Practice meets monthly, sometimes for potluck, sometimes for a half day on Saturday. Upcoming events:

Active Hope: An Introduction to the Work That Reconnects
Cambridge, MA
Saturday May 20, 9:30-4:30
Information and registration here.

Open Potluck, June 21, 6 pm at Cambridge Cohousing, 175 Richdale Ave. All are welcome who have attended at least a short (one or two-hour) introductory workshop. Contact John Macdougall.


Facilitation Deepening Weekend
August 17-20
Starseed Healing Sanctuary, Savoy, MA

Join seasoned Work That Reconnects facilitators Sarah Pirtle, Aravinda Ananda, Joseph Rotella and others from the Interhelp Network.

This is a special opportunity to work with Sarah, one of the early developers of WTR. Check out her website here. In addition, activist song leader Anne Goodwin will offer guidance on incorporating singing into workshops.

Both newer and more experienced facilitators are welcome. Read more here.


Becoming Fully Human in the 21st Century
A workshop for educators of young adults
June 10-11 (date change)
Central PA
More information here.


World as Lover, World as Self: Joanna Macy’s Theory and Practice of the Work that Reconnects with Anne Symens-Bucher
October 20-22 and October 22-27, Rowe Conference Center.
Click here.


Weaving the Web of Connections: 2017 Interhelp Gathering
November 3-5
Woolman Hill Retreat Center, Deerfield, MA
Click here.

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