News from the Network

  • Interhelp Newsletter, July 2018

    Dear Interhelpers and Friends, Registration is now open for Truth Telling, Truth Tellers, a weekend of the Work That Reconnects, October 19-21, in Deerfield, MA. This annual Interhelp Gathering is open to all, whether you have journeyed the Spiral many times, or you are new to the work. Details here. Please see

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  • Supporting Expansion of the Work That Reconnects in the Northeast US

    Dear Interhelp Community, As the maple tree outside my window prepares to disperse its seeds, Interhelp Council seeks to expand our networking function to include more direct support of Work That Reconnects in these ways: 1) Facilitation support via regularly scheduled teleconferencing calls. Experienced and fledgling facilitators will be welcome,

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