Interhelp Community Guidelines

Tending and Mending our Social Web

Interhelp’s “Tending and Mending” action circle aims to provide resources for a healthy social community in Work That Reconnects spaces. Mechanisms to integrate useful guidelines, plus systems of support such as Community Practice Days are key for this learning process.

See the latest versions of Interhelp Community Guidelines and related Appendices.

See Stepping Up worksheet by Sarah Pirtle for a thoughtful four-step process to support facilitators and participants in interrupting potentially harmful statements or interactions.

In 2017 Interhelp convened a “Tending & Mending” action circle. A priority in this area is an evolving set of Community Guidelines.

A Community Day in April 2018 got the wider network involved. See a description here.

In Spring 2019, a similar workshop filled to capacity. Images below are courtesy of Sarah Pirtle, facilitator with Aravinda Ananda of that event.

Flip chart page from Community Practice Day

The Wheel of Life Force and the Wheel of Violence

Flip chart page from Community Practice Day

Beloved Community; Understanding the Merged Voice