Dear Interhelpers and friends,

I’ve missed reaching out to you, as the pandemic has changed so much in the world of Work That Reconnects workshops and related events. I spent three days at Woolman Hill recently, enjoying personal retreat time. I thought of many of you, and of the Spiral Journeys we shared there.

Interhelp Council members are in a period of discernment regarding next steps for the organization. We expect to have a progress report for you sometime this fall. I hope you stay tuned.

Please continue to contact me when you have Work That Reconnects offerings to announce to the Interhelp Community.

Cultivating the Capacity to Intervene When Harm Happens: an exploration of microaggression interventions in Work That Reconnects spaces
October 2 and 3, for three hours each day.
Facilitated by Interhelp Council member Aravinda Ananda and Janna Diamond, a somatic practitioner and member of the Earth Leadership Community.

The Climate of Now: A Series of Online Conversations, hosted by Terry Tempest Williams, will feature Morgan Curtis, another Earth Leadership Community member, on October 4.

Aravinda and I serve with the Work That Reconnects Anti-Oppression Resource Group. Some of our members have undertaken a re-visioning the Three Stories of Our Time. How can we most accurately frame the Stories (Business as Usual, the Great Unraveling, the Great Turning) so that we include the histories and stories of all Earth’s people in our Story-telling? Similar re-visioning and updating of WTR practices is ongoing, as well as the development of a new Deep Time practice. Over 200 people signed up for our recent webinar on “De-escalating Patterns of Harm in WTR Spaces.”

The fruits of these collaborative projects will appear before too long on the NEW Work That Reconnects website. As a member of the Network Weavers team, I’ll be thrilled to let you know when the site goes live. In the meantime, you can browse through a wide variety of upcoming events here on the current site.

I look forward to updating you on our Council deliberations, and I wish you all health and resilience.

Paula Hendrick
Interhelp Editor

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