What happens at an Interhelp gathering or workshop? 

2015 Gathering at Woolman Hill

2015 Interhelp Gathering, Woolman Hill, Deerfield, Massachusetts


We join our energies to experience heart-opening exercises that fuel our activism and inspire us toward courage. With the connection of sharing deeply, we seek our path for creating a nonviolent and life-sustaining civilization.

Ashley, Lisa, Steven

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“If you ever feel isolated or alone, wondering if anyone else out there could feel as deeply about the core issues of the earth’s survival as you do, wonder no longer. At the gathering you will be surrounded by kindred souls who share your deepest concerns.”
– Sharon G.


“Rather than grasping at a spirituality that seeks to avoid the darker realities of widespread human (as well as non-human) suffering, these folks were willing to get real, to be real, and feel it all.”
– Lance S.


Each Interhelp Gathering follows a basic spiral journey through four stages. For a good description of the Spiral of the Work That Reconnects, see “The Spiral” at workthatreconnects.org.