The entire August 2017 special issue of Deep Times, a Journal of the Work That Reconnects explores the impact of race and culture on the Work That Reconnects. As stated in the introduction, “…while we are all in this Great Turning together, we are in it differently. This issue speaks to some of the differences in experience.” Guest editors are Patricia St. Onge, Ann Marie Davis and Aravinda Ananda.

This special issue is anchored in these four sections:

  • a first section in support of People of Color navigating this Work and the beautiful directions they/we are taking it with an interview of Zenju Earthlyn Manuel, and pieces by A.M Davis, Patricia St. Onge, Wilson Riles, Ratasha Huff, and Jaq Nguyen Victor;
  • a second section delving into what do we mean by we? with an audio (and written) recording of a conversation among the three editors and a poem by Signature MiMi;
  • a third section with invitations particularly to white people to take greater responsibility with pieces by John Powell, Eric Peterson, Aries Jordan, and Zilong Wang;
  • and a final section about seeing the Work with ancient eyes and some suggestions for how to go forth with this Work in better relationship with contributions from adélàjà simon, Sarah Thompson, Erica Peng, and A.M. Davis.

You can read the welcome letter from the editors here.