Following the Spiral with the Hartford-area Support Group

The Hartford, CT support group is a fertile space this year! We are thrilled to have kindred folks from western New York joining us as we practice together, and as they gain ideas for seeding their own group in their home area.

Each two-hour meeting follows the Spiral and includes a meal. We begin with an opening ritual (lighting a candle and offering a poem, song or dedication), share practices in a conversational and/or council format, sing some more, share news and events, give and receive support, and enjoy an all-around feeling of Reconnection.

For June’s meeting we opened with an Elm Dance** (p.101); honored our pain for the world with the I Don’t Care practice (p.116); remembered When I Made a Difference (p.145); acknowledged the Shambhala Warrior qualities in one another (p.69), and ended with a lively sharing of our Going Forth actions and intentions.

Newcomers welcome. We meet in West Hartford, CT on the first or second Monday of the month. Contact Verne McArthur for dates or more information.

**Page numbers are from the updated edition of Coming Back to Life. Also see Elm Dance nicely done on youtube.

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