The Earth Leadership Cohort

Earth Leadership Cohort IV

“ELC 4,” 2017

A fourth Earth Leadership Cohort — a dynamic experience in the Work That Reconnects for ages 18-30 — commenced with a five-day workshop in June, 2017 in New Hampshire. Click here for program description and here for application.

ELC3 Earth Leadership Cohort April 2016

“ELC3” – Earth Leadership Cohort, April 2016

A new way of seeing the world, as our larger living body, frees us from the assumptions and attitudes that now threaten all life on Earth.

Origins: 2014-2015

The Earth Leadership Cohort launched with 15 young adults gathering on three separate weekends during 2014 to explore the Work That Reconnects in theory and practice. In a supportive learning community of peers, each participant explored their vision for meaningful work, practiced facilitation skills, and expanded self-awareness.

A second Earth Leadership Cohort with 12 participants convened in the spring of 2015 and joined a larger multi-generational community of people for a 5-day workshop at Rowe Conference Center titled, “Active Hope: How to Face the Mess We’re in Without Going Crazy.” The first half was led by Kirstin Edelglass, Aravinda Ananda, and Joseph Rotella; the second half, by Joanna Macy. The cohort met again June 4-7, facilitated by three guides who accompanied the Cohort throughout the two-part training. The group had an opportunity to reflect on the rich experiences of the previous workshop and began to integrate new perspectives into their personal and professional dreams. This retreat served as a time for gathering resources, ideas, and support for “going forth” into the world as change agents, healers, compassionate listeners, and empowered citizens.

Earth Leadership Cohort

Inaugural Earth Leadership Cohort, 2014



“ELC2,” 2015

2016: ELC3

The third Earth Leadership Cohort commenced with a multigenerational 5-day workshop at Friendly Crossways, “At The Crossroads of Environmental and Social Justice” in April 2016. Members of the ELC3 continued their journey with followup meetings including time together in Western Massachusetts.



Earth Leadership Community

As a community, the members decide how they will keep in touch and support one another in realizing their short-term goals and long-term visions.