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New Eyes, New Vision by Carol Harley

When did colors grow so dim? How a literal change in vision reveals layers of meaning.

Resistance and Regeneration by Michael Rice

Reflections on 34 years of study with Joanna Macy.

On Not Knowing by Michael Rice

A young physics student seeks certainty; decades later, what has he found?

The Little Door by Michael Rice

Mysteries of the Woolman Hill Meeting house and the challenge of “naming that door.”

Two Days After by Rosalie Anders

What happens when Rosalie goes to the State House just after The Gathering?

Stumble-Stones by Michael Rice

Michael visits his childhood in Germany to honor his aunt Ella.  “Stolpersteine are concrete cubes with a brass plate set into sidewalks in such a way that no one can come to harm. Nevertheless they are stumble-stones, for those who see them in passing should stumble in their spirit, pause briefly, and read the inscription.”