Arts Resources

Visual arts, music, poetry, dance: All help keep us going!

Hope Sings

A web page of recordings (and more) for The Work That Reconnects, offered by Sarah Pirtle. Click here.

August 2019 Day of Singing for Song Leaders

Led by Anne Goodwin and Kirstin Edelglass – See PDF of songs / annotations

Songs from Interhelp Gathering 2017

We Shall be Known by MaMuse (Sarah Nutting and Karisha Longaker)
How Could Anyone (Libby Roderick)
My Heart Is Ready (Cindy Kallet)
Courage My Friend South African Anti-Apartheid call-and-response
Sarah Pirtle’s website
Anne Goodwin’s website
Songs for the Great Turning Collected songs for the Work That Reconnects from Gretchen Sleicher & friends

More amazing music

Tom Penhale – Right Here, Right Now at Rowe Center and website
Jennifer Berezan – Praises for the World
Eleanor Brown website
One Foot in Front of the Other/Lead With Love (Melanie DeMore unplugged)

Music, dance, art!