Newsletter, October 2020

Dear Interhelpers and friends,

The weekend after election day, our Interhelp Community will gather in circle around the virtual fire, holding all that is happening within each of us and in the wider world. Please consider joining us. Learn more below.

The new Deep Times Journal, special Youth issue has been published. Read more about this extraordinary issue below.

Two long-term members of Interhelp Council retired this summer: Rosalie Anders and Kristina Orchard. Their faithful presence over decades (!) has helped Interhelp remain steady in our mission of networking for the Work That Reconnects. A deep bow of gratitude to each of you.

What’s next for Interhelp? In 2021, we will enter into a new phase, responding to the needs and opportunities of our time. It will be a time of co-creation for the Interhelp Community. That’s all we know right now.

In closing, I offer Joanna Macy’s reflection on The Great Turning in this time of Unraveling:

I now think of the Great Turning as somewhat like bodhicitta, the intention to serve all beings. This is the mind state of the bodhisattva—the being who, in their great compassion, delays nirvana in order to address the world’s suffering. I remember my Tibetan teachers telling me that bodhicitta is like a flame in the heart, and often I can feel it there. (from Emergence)

Let’s keep that flame burning, within us and among us.

Paula Hendrick
Interhelp Editor

Gathering in Circles, post-election
November 7–8, via Zoom teleconferencing

These listening circles will be something new, opportunities to share space in a powerful moment in time. Not a replacement for Interhelp’s fall workshop at Woolman Hill, to be sure. But more accessible for many.

Two circles will be held, each led by a small team of WTR facilitators. Among the facilitators are Kirstin Edelglass, Markie Babbott, Daniel Kieval, Anne Goodwin and Sarah Pirtle. Each circle will last for an hour and a half or perhaps for two hours. There is no charge, although donations are welcome.

Would you like to join a circle? If so, please respond to Paula. We’ll let you know when the circles are scheduled and how to get the Zoom links.

Together we will draw from, and strengthen, the vast communal well of clarity, courage and compassion.

Additional events in the works:
– A Spiral journey focused on anti-racism, led by Judith Waldman, who facilitated Work That Reconnects with Interhelp for many years before moving to Seattle.
– Opportunities for journeying the Spiral, post-election. Stay tuned.

Deep Times Journal, special Youth issue
Listen here to the opening welcome, where voices of the editorial team respond to a communication from a future being from the year 2160. And, yes, I did say “listen to.” The entire issue is available to read and also to hear. Listening can open a spacious internal well in which to welcome the songs, stories, poems and reflections from these astute and creative contributors. You can hear most of the authors read their own heartfelt pieces. Descriptions of evocative visual art are also provided. In this way, the entire magazine is made accessible for anyone visually impaired.

The cover art gives a glimpse of the treasures within.

The editorial team includes two members of the Earth Leadership Cohort community, Morgan Curtis and Conor Gibson, with others among the contributors. Interhelp provided resources to help make this special issue possible.

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