Newsletter, January 2021

Dear Interhelpers and friends,

If you missed the extraordinary webinar with Joanna Macy at Garrison Institute, here’s the link. Her fresh articulation of the importance of applying systems thinking to our daily activism was a high point for me. To participate in an informal Zoom conversation stimulated by this webinar, contact me here.

Judith Waldman will offer a Valentine’s Day Spiral, Our Love for the World, for the Interhelp Community. Also, some of you may remember Diane Swords from Interhelp Fall Weekend a few years ago. She will co-lead a workshop this Friday called Work That Reconnects: Despair and Empowerment in the Nuclear Age. Please see Upcoming Events below for details on both workshops.

Daniel Kieval, Interhelp Council member, will offer Ask the Animals: A Council of All Beings at the Big Bold Jewish Climate Fest next weekend. Search Daniel’s name to find this event.

News from Kirstin Edelglass: I am birthing an educational non-profit called the Marlboro Foundation with colleagues here in Marlboro NH. We’re planning a first offering of an August homestead immersion experience for young adults. The Work That Reconnects will be woven throughout. (Contact Kirstin to receive further info when available.)

Kirstin and Coleen O’Connell have piloted a Wild Love for the World book study group. Kirstin’s report: “The group was very rich, connecting, and inspiring for all eight of us. We met 6 times (for 2 hours each session) over the course of the fall.” She and Coleen are preparing a guide for group study. We’ll keep you posted!

The Interhelp Network was pleased to offer the fledgling Work That Reconnects Network a 501(c)(3) fiscal sponsorship beginning in 2015. Their new fiscal sponsor, Inquiring Systems Inc, serves as sponsor for many organizations working for systemic change. We will stay in close touch with the Network as they continue to evolve and grow.

Keep weaving those webs of connection,
Paula Hendrick
Interhelp Editor

Upcoming Events

The Work That Reconnects: Despair and Empowerment in the Nuclear Age
January 29th, 11am EST (4pm GMT/8am PST)
Learn more here.

Our Love for the World
Sunday, February 14, 2-4pm ET
A Spiral offered by Judith Waldman

You are invited to join us on Valentine’s Day. We will experience our Gratitude for this dear world, as well as our Pain for the world. We will See with New Eyes, and move toward Going Forth. Through this time of feeling and sharing we will connect with ourselves, with each other, and with the world.

Register here. Questions? Contact Carol Harley.

Judith is a longtime workshop/retreat leader, has been a national trainer for workshop facilitation, and served on the Interhelp Council for many years. She authored the book “STAND tall like the tree, FLOW like the river, SHINE like the sun: Caring for the Woman within.”

My joys are nurturing and empowering others, using our inherent wisdom for finding peace within, protecting and preserving open space, and rectifying the wrongs of injustice. I look forward to our time together.

Boston-area Community of Practice meets monthly on Zoom and is open to anyone who has experienced the Work That Reconnects. Contact John MacDougall.

Find more online events at

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