New! Hope Sings

A gift has been given to all Work That Reconnects circles, and in particular to the Interhelp Network, sower of WTR seeds for many decades. Hope Sings is a collection of songs offered by Sarah Pirtle.
The songs are all ready for you to listen to (and download for no cost). They will accompany you on journeys through the Spiral, whether during personal reflection time or during workshops. Sarah beautifully tells the story of how each song came to be written (55 songs by Sarah, three by others), and offers ideas about how to weave the songs into workshops.
When you click here, you will find six menu options. The first five include all of the songs, arranged to unfold as the Spiral, with the addition of an opening category, Calling Us In. Browsing through the songs will make your heart sing! And you will want to return again soon, to dip more deeply.
Using These Songs is the last menu item – don’t overlook it! Here you will find a wonderful welcome from Sarah, Why Hope Sings? Other options provide background material and guidance on how you might use the songs. The last section offers a fine closing; it’s about how some of these songs can serve to offer Comfort and Connection.
Sarah Pirtle was an early developer of the Work That Reconnects. Music is just one of the many gifts she has to offer. It seems that all of her efforts are in service of reconnecting, one way or another. Thank you Sarah!

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