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Dear Interhelpers and friends, we on Interhelp Council want to share with you our thoughts as we plan for Gathering 2015, to be held Oct 30 – Nov. 1 at Woolman Hill in MA. Please read on.

Interhelp exists to strengthen the human capacity to face and respond to crisis conditions. Tara Brach writes, “We belong to the earth, and our precious living world in in crisis.” The challenges and opportunities of living in this time of the Great Unraveling and the Great Turning are greater than ever before.

In this context, we seek to use this year’s Gathering to amplify the transformative impact of the 40 or so participants on the healing of our world. Now, more than ever, we must turn toward one another and engage in a collective transformation to the next stage of our evolution of our planet.

Our 2015 theme, Making a Difference: Claiming Your Role in the Great Turning, reflects our commitment to unleashing our collective response to the multifaceted crisis of sustainability that we are facing. This Gathering will have some new elements that call forth your deepest commitments and courageous action.

Whether you are a longtime “Interhelper” or newly interested in the caring and committed network that Interhelp is cultivating, we invite all who seek to strengthen our individual and shared abilities to propel our collective evolution to join us! Click here for Gathering Flyer, here for registration form.

We thank each of you for journeying with us, whether we see you at Gathering this year or not.

Paula Hendrick, Interhelp Editor

Program Committee Action Circle members: Joyce Reeves, Joseph Rotella, Aravinda Ananda, Lisa Galinski

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