Community Practice Day

Community Practice Day
Saturday, April 14, 10:00 – 4:00
Location: Leicester, MA (close to Auburn and Sturbridge turnpike exits)

Our practice guides for the day include Sarah Pirtle* and Aravinda Ananda.**

Interhelp’s Tending and Mending the Social Web Action Circle members have put our best thought and care into drafting a set of Guidelines for Community. Now we are eager to engage with others to further develop and learn to live into these Guidelines.

Our desire is to honor and value the diversity within each Work That Reconnects workshop group. We aim to create space for all to be seen and heard, and to learn as a community if and when misunderstandings, other difficulties or harm arise among us. The Guidelines and supporting materials are means toward this end and are intended to be useful for all workshop and community participants.

Input and feedback on these Guidelines is welcome, both prior to and during this community day. Practice, including role plays, will be a main focus of the day.

This day is open to all who have participated in at least an introductory WTR workshop.

Every participant makes a difference in this effort!

We invite you to bring actual situations you have experienced, or to frame possible situations you can imagine, to be used in our skill-building practice sessions. When we process challenges together, the learning is exponential.

To learn more about the day, sign up to attend, or offer suggestions/reflections about the Guidelines, contact Paula Hendrick here. Please register to attend by April 10, sooner if possible.

We hope to see you there!
Paula Hendrick, Aravinda Ananda, Sarah Pirtle, Carol Harley, Kristina Orchard


*Sarah Pirtle is Director of Common Threads at Traprock Center for Peace and Justice. A social justice educator, she was an early developer of the Work That Reconnects and a founder of Interhelp. She will co-lead Connecting Ages, Changing Ageism on April 28 in Greenfield, MA.

**Aravinda Ananda is a leader in the Work That Reconnects network and a member of the Interhelp Council.