Interhelp Fall Weekend Circles

Gathering in Circles
November 7–8, via Zoom teleconferencing

The weekend after election day, our Interhelp Community will gather in circle around the virtual fire, holding all that is happening within each of us and in the wider world.

These listening circles will be something new, opportunities to share space in a powerful moment in time. Not a replacement for Interhelp’s fall workshop at Woolman Hill, to be sure. But more accessible for many.

Two circles will be held, each led by a small team of WTR facilitators. Among the facilitators are Kirstin Edelglass, Markie Babbott, Daniel Kieval, Anne Goodwin and Sarah Pirtle. Each circle will last for an hour and a half or perhaps for two hours. There is no charge, although donations are welcome.

Would you like to join a circle? If so, please contact Paula Hendrick. We’ll let you know when the circles are scheduled and how to get the Zoom links.

Together we will draw from, and strengthen, the vast communal well of clarity, courage and compassion.