Cultivating Active Hope: Practice Group & Book Study

Cultivating Active Hope: A Practice Group & Book Study of Joanna Macy’s Active Hope
Begins May 20, for 12 weeks – online
Jess Serrante and Shea Riester

Jess and Shea will create a space where participants can put Active Hope‘s lessons into practice as embodied and living wisdom. “This work comes straight from my heart as a response to what l’m learning many of us want and need in this intense moment in history….” (Jess)

Jess facilitated a WTR workshop in Brooklyn attended by a New York Times reporter. The result: a feature article, Apocalypse Got You Down? Maybe this Will Help: Searching for a cure for my climate crisis grief. Shea was a member of the first Earth Leadership Cohort, and a co-facilitator at Interhelp’s fall Gathering in 2017.

All the details are here.