Bodhisattva Check-In

Bodhisattva Check-In: Stepping into Your Life Just as it Is
A Work That Reconnects Workshop

Julie Wagner and Ken McManus

Saturday March 21, DATE TBD (event postponed) – 9:30 to 3:30
Love Tribe Center, 1008 Main Street, Branford, CT

This workshop is most appropriate for those with previous exposure to the Work That Reconnects.

$25 suggested, scholarships available. BYO lunch, everything else provided.

For information or to request registration click here, call 203-589-1031, or visit Eventbrite.

The world is alive and beautiful, but also deeply troubled with individual suffering, social injustice, and environmental collapse. Many of us feel powerless in the face of the daily barrage of bad news.
To help us directly face such pain, all cultures and religions have archetypes of our evolutionary, compassionate and healing power. In Buddhism, this archetype is the Bodhisattva – a being who takes a great vow to forgo personal attainment in order to work for the wellbeing of others. Yet many of us believe that the specific circumstances of our lives constrain our ability to be of service.
Join friends from all faith traditions (and no faith tradition) to explore our common impulse to create a better world. In this workshop we will use our moral imagination to recognize our mundane lives – with all our fears, fatigues, trappings and injustices – as the ground upon which we can step into a personal vow that connects us to all beings.