December 2016 Newsletter

Dear Interhelpers and friends,

Here we are in the dark time of year. Hearing and sharing good news (as we received yesterday about DAPL) brightens us. And, in an intimate sort of way, so does sharing of our sorrows. “When we open together to the suffering around us, we become more real to each other. Even in the midst of grief and fear, we are not alone. The mystery at the core of our existence is that simple: we are held in a web of mutual belonging” (Joanna Macy).

I hope you will read below about the creative efforts and accomplishments of Earth Leadership Cohort members. (A fourth ELC will form in the new year! We’ll send news as soon as we have it.)

Also below: upcoming events, and links, and the story of Interhelp’s deep roots in the evolution of the Work That Reconnects. For a thoughtful journey through the Spiral, go online to read the new issue of Deep Times.

I hope you’ll be in touch. Links to events, upcoming or recent, which incorporate the Work That Reconnects are always welcome.

Paula Hendrick

Interhelp Editor


What now? Tools for Reclaiming our Future, free day-long Gathering and Workshop, December 18, at Spirit Hollow in N. Bennington, Vermont. Learn more here.

Upcoming in the new year: annual Interhelp Conversation Day on January 29 (click here to receive announcement); Active Hope: Dancing the Spiral March 31–Apr. 2, and Interhelp Gathering 2017, Oct. 27-9 (mark your calendars).

Joanna Macy followed up her fall workshops at Rowe with a talk called Teaching at the Edge of Time. Watch here.


Agents of Change

Two members of the Earth Leadership Cohort (ELC) led U.S. youth delegates at COP22 in Marrakech. Morgan Curtis (ELC3) was “Delegation Leader.” Dineen O’Rourke (ELC2) became a Delegate whose creative banner-making resulted in worldwide news coverage for the delegates’ post-election grief ritual.

See Common Dreams coverage

Writings by Morgan are included in the new Deep Times. And here’s her November SustainUS article, “From #COP22 to #noDAPL.” Plus one more: an interview (with great photos) that emphasizes the importance of art to the movement.

Morgan and Dineen are both facilitators of the Work That Reconnects. SustainUS offers bios and contact info for Morgan and Dineen.


The Story of Interhelp – see History page.


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