April 2017 Announcements

Active Hope: An Introduction to the Work That Reconnects will take place in Cambridge, MA, on Saturday May 20, 9:30-4:30. This event is offered by the Boston-area Work That Reconnects Community of Practice. Complete information here.


Facilitation Deepening Weekend, August 17-20, Starseed Healing Sanctuary, Savoy, MA. Join seasoned Work That Reconnects facilitators – Sarah Pirtle, Aravinda Ananda, Joseph Rotella and others from the Interhelp Network. This will be an opportunity for people who are newer to facilitation to:

  • explore foundations of and current evolutions in the Work
  • learn facilitation best practices, tips and skills
  • ask questions about facilitation
  • observe experienced facilitation
  • practice facilitation and receive gentle feedback
  • build community together

More experienced facilitators who wish to deepen their skills and knowledge are also welcome. More information here.


Becoming Fully Human in the 21st Century: A workshop for educators of young adults. June 7-11, Central PA. More information here.


Rising with Roots: A five-day workshop of the Work That Reconnects, June 2-7, Hallelujah Farm in Chesterfield, NH. Click here.


World as Lover, World as Self: Joanna Macy’s Theory and Practice of the Work that Reconnects with Anne Symens-Bucher, October 20-22 & October 22-27, Rowe Conference Center. Click here.


Weaving the Web of Connection: 2017 Interhelp Gathering, November 3-5, Woolman Hill Retreat Center, Deerfield, MA. Click here.




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